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We are committed to continually raising the bar in home healthcare by setting new industry standards for quality care and personalized…
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MemorialCare Home Health offers a variety of full-time, part-time, and per-diem employment opportunities. Employees earn competitive…
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What are Our Services?

We are committed to continually raising the bar in home healthcare by setting new industry standards for quality care and personalized service. That’s why numerous patients, doctors, and hospitals choose us for their home healthcare needs. Call MemorialCare Home Health at (949) 460-1500.

Our services in detail:

Case Managers

Our case managers are all registered nurses, with a wide range of home delivered service experience. So not only do we know medicine, we also know what to watch for in the home environment. For instance, one of best way to keep our elderly parents safe at home is to prevent falls. We survey the home and look for potential fall hazards. Then, we work with you and your parents to address these situations. A little effort to install an extra hand-bar in a bathroom is much better than a trip to the emergency room.

What Our Nurses Can Do:

  • Monitor a person's vital signs, blood pressure and heart rate and educate you on your medications, and any special diet.
  • Control the impact of acute and chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease as well as help reduce the complications caused by wounds and ostomies.
  • Teach self-care techniques a multitude of issues.
  • Arrange for additional services if needed and communicate with others in the home health care team.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a patient-centered practice with focus on strategies that develop, modify, return or help to maintain essential activities of daily living and work skills. Occupational therapists help individuals to thrive in their home environments in a safe and independent manner. They work with a client’s psychosocial needs and fully support the individual goals that each client expresses.

MemorialCare Home Health’s licensed and skilled occupational therapists work in our clients homes every day. Our occupational therapists have specialized training in areas such as:

  • Productive aging
  • Youth and families
  • Health and wellness
  • Rehabilitation from work related injury
  • Modifications to assist with disabilities

Occupational therapy benefits individuals from all walks of life by helping them to come to, or return to, a state of functional independence. When occupational therapy is performed in the home, individuals have the advantage of learning skills that are pertinent and useful in their everyday lives. MemorialCare Home Health makes this easy by scheduling in home occupational therapy appointments at times that are convenient for our clients and their primary caregivers.

How Occupational Therapy Can Help

Our occupational therapists use proven techniques to retrain an individual when that person is having difficulty getting dressed, completing grooming tasks, eating, cooking or performing any of the other activities of daily living. In addition, they can provide assistance in adjusting to the emotional and social changes that often come along with an illness or injury. This alleviates feelings of helplessness, lost independence and the fear that living at home might no longer be a possibility. It also provides individuals with the tools they need to continue residing at home or aging place.

What does the process of ordering occupational therapy look like?

Once occupational therapy is ordered, a member of the MemorialCare Home Health therapeutic team will evaluate a client’s health status, home setting and current level of independence. The client’s primary care physician will also be contacted in order to acquire prescriptions and specific details about the client’s underlying health condition. The plan of care will then be created to include specific exercises, home modification recommendations and therapeutic practices that will benefit the client. Each plan of care is re-evaluated on a regular basis with the goal of providing effective services that promote health, healing and independence.

The High Standards of Our Care Team

As with all of MemorialCare Home Health services, occupational therapy is held to the highest of standards. Client privacy and safety are primary concerns of the MemorialCare Home Health team, and we carefully screen each therapist who will be entering a client’s home. In addition, our occupational therapists participate in ongoing trainings in order to refine their skills and remain up to date on the latest innovations in the ever changing healthcare field. When clients hire our team, they expect nothing but the best, and MemorialCare Home Health strives to deliver on our promise to provide the highest quality care in the home health industry.

Physical Therapy

Our staff of experienced physical, occupational, and speech therapists will work closely with the patient, family, and physician to develop a rehabilitation care plan that meets each patient's unique needs. Whether the patient requires post-operative therapy from a joint replacement or a falls assessment for a frail or elderly patient, people of all ages and diagnoses benefit from receiving rehabilitation at home.

After a fall, prolonged period of illness or surgical procedure, independence is sometimes compromised due to a loss of balance, coordination, muscle tone or joint mobility. In such cases, physical therapy is often prescribed. Physical therapy involves a series of exercises and the manipulation of joints and muscles by a trained professional with the goal of returning individuals to their highest possible state of independence.

Physical therapy uses physical activity, exercise, and additional treatments such as massage to aid in strengthening, healing, and relieving pain after an injury, illness, or operation. MemorialCare Home Health’s Physical Therapists assess and provide treatment to help patients of all ages increase mobility, strength, balance, and coordination. Therapists also work with family and community resources to maximize the patient's rehabilitation process.

Speech Therapy

MemorialCare Home Health’s speech and language therapists are licensed and trained individuals who work with clients in the comfort of home. This eliminates the need for costly stays in a rehabilitative facility and inconvenient visits to outpatient rehabilitative centers. Our therapists work collaboratively with the client’s primary care physician, physical and occupational therapists and other MemorialCare Home Health’s care providers who might be assisting with the recovery and rehabilitative process. Communication is key amongst the MemorialCare Home Health’s team, and our state of the art electronic medical records system makes it easy for timely documentation and access to information to take place at all times.

MemorialCare Home Health’s offers unique speech therapy programs that cater to each individual. Where a child might blow bubbles to strengthen the tongue and assist in manipulating the mouth correctly, an adult might participate in more complex word games and activities that enhance speech retrieval. As progress or setbacks are noted, each activity is carefully evaluated for effectiveness, and activities can be changed, increased or eliminated at any time in order to effectively work toward the client’s personal and therapeutic goals.

Family Support Is Essential

MemorialCare Home Health understands the importance of family support when speech therapy is prescribed, and that is why our team of professionals includes family members in the rehabilitative process. The client and all family caregivers are encouraged to ask questions, make comments and receive appropriate trainings from our speech and language pathologists. Family is also included when the plan of care is developed, updated or reviewed. In this way, MemorialCare Home Health offers an inclusive form of therapy that is both unique and effective.

Speech-language therapy involves corrective treatment of physical and/or cognitive disorders that cause difficulty with communication and/or swallowing. MemorialCare Home Health’s Speech-Language Pathologists help patients develop their language and speech skills to regain control and increase their communication. They also teach patients and family members safe and appropriate swallowing techniques.

MemorialCare Home Health’s therapists provide one-on-one therapeutic training and support to individuals with physical needs resulting from injury, illness, or surgery in the comfort of their home. Regardless of the activity or need, our highly skilled staff ensures that every person has an enjoyable and empowering experience.

Medical Social Workers

  • Assess your social, economic and emotional needs relating to your overall medical plan.
  • Provide education and access to community resources for you and your loved ones.
  • Assess any additional solutions you may need, such as home health or community services.

Certified Home Health Aide

  • Performs personal care which includes ensuring good personal hygiene while maintaining a healthful, safe environment in the home.
  • Performs simple procedures as an extension of therapy services, such as ambulation, bathing, and exercise.

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